Monday, August 17, 2009

John Hostetter—Jonah's Cat's Art Gallery, New Smyrna Beach

"Space Crab" by John Hostetter

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I travelled to Florida for a family wedding. We were lucky to stay in a beautiful condo right on the ocean in New Smyrna Beach. I collected a few fun things there that I'll talk about as I get to it, but first, below are some great images from Jonah's Cat's Art Gallery on Flagler Ave.

Flagler Ave in New Smyrna Beach is the major street that leads right to the beach. It has a bunch of really cute shops including a glass art gallery, pottery studio, and a few painting galleries.

John Hostetter, manager and artist of Jonah's Cat's Gallery (along side Samuel Ruder), was such an interesting guy to meet on vacation. We saw him out on the street near the bar Peanuts, getting things ready for his band's gig that night. Little did we know we'd run into him again at the gallery down the street that I had spotted the night before. It was fun to hear about his art, music, travels and more...

An interesting piece in his gallery was his painted laptop. Obviously I like art that can make you laugh, and this did that—hopefully the photos of Hostetter posing with the laptop at his desk did the same for you.

John Hostetter originally went to school for theatre, so if you're interested also check him out on

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