Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Outline Alphabets

Today I stopped in a used book store; Pick Wick Book Shop, in Nyack, NY. Inside I found the book Outline Alphabets, 100 Complete Fonts, Selected and Arranged by Dan X. Solo from the Solotype Archive, and was able to pick it up for $5. (images above)

It reminded me of high school...I remember at least one project where we had to draw type and carve it into a linoleum plate for a print, but we had to trace the typography from a book similar to this (we were not allowed to freehand our own font!). My print was of a porcupine fish, so it said "porcupine fish" on it. Not sure where any of my prints from that project ended up, but I think the plate is actually still hanging in our bathroom at my parents house, haha.

The book store was really great. Exactly like what you hope a used book store would look like. Books just piled and stacked everywhere, and all the sudden there will be a little isle out of nowhere completely stuffed with books. Handwritten signs pointing you towards different sections; anything from art to physics, fiction to cooking, and a bunch of children's classics. Plus, what every used book store needs - an adorable calico cat that follows around the only customers in the store, and manages to stay inside even though the front door is always open. Perfect.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hartford Art School 2009 Alumni Show

Above are a couple photos of me and my piece, Hand Drawn Facebook Statuses (micron drawings, scanned, digitally printed), from the HAS 2009 Alumni show.

I drove up from NY, but unfortunately and combination of working late and unexpected traffic got in the way of me actually making it there in time to mingle with friends and professors. I arrived right at the very end, food was cleaned up and there were maybe 4 or 5 other people finishing up their walk through. I skimmed the work real fast and saw some really great things.

What made up for the fact that I made it their so late? How about the fact that my piece sold! This was really exciting for me, probably more exciting than it should have been, haha. I feel like as a designer I am consistently commissioned to do work for others, the way they want it. So it was really great to have a piece that I created, just because it would be fun and just because I liked it, get enough attention to be sold. I'm assuming an old professor of mine made the purchase, but since I was not their in time to mingle, I may never know!

I plan to continue with my hand drawn typography, hopefully sell some more pieces, and eventually get commissioned to do more fun work like this rather than the corporate stuff I've been getting lately. Fingers crossed! :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Arrived early at the ferry yesterday in Ossining, tide was out far enough where I could walk down and collect sea glass again. I think for the first time ever I found yellow/orange sea glass AND a light purple/lavender color sea glass, along with the normal blue, green, and clear colors I usually pick up. So in one day, I collected an entire rainbow of was awesome.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hand Drawn Facebook Statuses

Over the past couple months I've been trying to post some of my Facebook statuses as hand drawn type images. Its been a way for me to take some time each day for creative drawing, and given me a fun & easy subject to draw. Above are a few of the ones I've posted, for more check out my Facebook page.