Friday, March 12, 2010

Bandana Tote Bag

I really wanted a new sewing project the other night. At first I thought a pillow, but changed my mind and made this fun tote bag just in time for spring! I might make a few more and experiment with sizes, but this one is about 9" x 11".

It's made with 2 bandanas and a little yellow scrap fabric, along with some velcro for the three inside pockets. I love the black and yellow, they remind me of a bumble bee.

I will eventually finish that pillow...but now I'm thinking I might make some fun tote bags as well. I really want to acquire some silk screening materials so I can print my own designs on them...thats the next step. But for now, I like working with the bandanas.

I haven't worked out pricing yet, but if you would like a bag leave a comment or send me an email with color preferences! Bandanas come in so many colors, you have tons of options!

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