Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: Small Pouch

I'm excited about where my blog is going, I have a variety of steady post categories cropping up—Crafter Profiles, Thursday Inspiration, and now Tuesday Tutorials!

Sometimes I like to make a quick nonsense project for myself or just as an experiment. Now on Tuesdays, I'll share tutorials on those projects here.

Below are the steps to make the small pouch bag pictured above. This pouch took me a couple hours one evening, so its a great quick project when you have a little free time or want to update your accessories wardrobe for the coming season.

You should know this is my first time even attempting to provide a tutorial for one of my projects... usually I just make the project from scratch and don't concentrate on creating clear and understandable instructions. So if this first tutorial seems a bit rough, be patient and they will get better as the weeks go on!

Scrap Paper (for patterns)
Fabric - one type for the outside and another for the lining
Marker or Pencil
Sewing Machine (or a needle for hand sewing)

1. Measure & cut your patterns.

2. Fold your fabric in half, pin your patterns with the straight side along the fold and cut your fabric. Repeat this step for the lining. In this tutorial the outside fabric is striped and the lining is yellow.

3. Stack your outside and lining fabric inside out (front sides facing each other). Pin the top parts as I've shown below, about .25" from the edge. Sew where you have pinned (the bottom part will get sewn later.

4. Turn the sewn pieces right side out.

5. Stack both pieces inside out (with the outside fabrics facing each other). Pin the bottom which hasn't been sewn yet, about .25" from the edge. Sew where you have pinned.

6. Turn right side out and you have your basic pouch! Now its time to embellish however you choose—add a strap with extra fabric or ribbon, add a closure such as a snap, button or velcro, and add extras like tassels or patches.

In the comments section below please post links to photos of your bag once you try the project for yourself, along with any questions or tips!

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