Thursday, October 7, 2010

Inspiration: Petroglyphs

I love the landscape here on the east coast (especially this time of year!), but once in a while its nice to pull inspiration from a place you're not so used to. I freelance for a company in Utah, and while out there for work was lucky enough to do some hiking and exploring. Among my favorite sites were rocks covered with petroglyphs...

Petroglyph: "a drawing or carving on rock, made by a member of a prehistoric people."

These shapes look simple, but are actually very complex. The combinations of graphics were an early form of communication and all tell a story. I'm really inspired by the fact that these petroglyphs are a form of communication, but even if you don't know the "language" they are still beautiful to look at. It really ties into why I love typography, words literally tell a story but they can still look beautiful doing it!

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