Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Outline Alphabets

Today I stopped in a used book store; Pick Wick Book Shop, in Nyack, NY. Inside I found the book Outline Alphabets, 100 Complete Fonts, Selected and Arranged by Dan X. Solo from the Solotype Archive, and was able to pick it up for $5. (images above)

It reminded me of high school...I remember at least one project where we had to draw type and carve it into a linoleum plate for a print, but we had to trace the typography from a book similar to this (we were not allowed to freehand our own font!). My print was of a porcupine fish, so it said "porcupine fish" on it. Not sure where any of my prints from that project ended up, but I think the plate is actually still hanging in our bathroom at my parents house, haha.

The book store was really great. Exactly like what you hope a used book store would look like. Books just piled and stacked everywhere, and all the sudden there will be a little isle out of nowhere completely stuffed with books. Handwritten signs pointing you towards different sections; anything from art to physics, fiction to cooking, and a bunch of children's classics. Plus, what every used book store needs - an adorable calico cat that follows around the only customers in the store, and manages to stay inside even though the front door is always open. Perfect.

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