Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Customized Shoes: Practice Round

I'm customizing TOMS at a One Day Without Shoes event April 5th. See details and a previous post about the event
here, featuring a pair I customized that will be available in a silent auction that day.

I haven't customized shoes at this type of event before, and I like to be ridiculously prepared for things like this, so above are a couple pairs of shoes I customized for practice! They aren't TOMS, instead they are some white sneakers I had laying around that my aunt handed down to me, but they still gave me the sense of what it's like to paint on a three dimensional fabric piece.

Nyack's One Day Without Shoes
April 5th, 2011
10am - 6:30pm
ML Gifts & Accessores - 75 S. Broadway, Nyack, NY

More information about the event here, here and here.


sHandke ART said...

I love them! And your ridiculous preparedness. :)

Buzz Beading said...

They are super cute! :D