Monday, May 2, 2011

Nyack Bee Green Fair 2011

Had a great time at the Nyack Bee Green Fair on Saturday. Memorial Park in Nyack was full of natural food vendors and eco-friendly businesses. At first some visitors questioned why a jewelry designer was part of the Green Fair, but when they learned what my jewelry was made of they got really into it!

I just set up a really small table at this event (especially since I was only selling jewelry, not art prints). Looking forward to a larger setup at stART on the Street Spring Edition in Worcester, MA on May 22! There will be lots of new jewelry (especially earrings), and I'm most excited to debut some fill-in-the-blank invitations, part of a collection Scott and I are collaborating on, a couple will be ready just in time for stART!

Lots of gift card earrings

New colorful key necklaces!

New colorful key necklaces!

Jobin was there to help our for the morning


sHandke ART said...

Looks like you had a great time! I didn't know anything about it until it was time for Oliver's nap or I would have stopped by. (Of course, I didn't read the banner in downtown.)

Jessie Katz said...

yeah, unfortunately a lot of people didn't know about it, and I could have done a better job plastering it all over facebook, haha. I think a lot of the people were there cause Scott told every Starbucks customer about it!

Eli said...

Great to meet you at the Fair. Loved your earrings!