Sunday, November 16, 2008

Charles LeDray; 2000 Pots

Yesterday (11/16/08) I was visiting a friend from college in CT. The plan was to take a train into NYC to visit the MOMA, but because of the rainy weather we decided to stay in CT and visit the Wadsworth Atheneum instead. 

My favorite piece of the entire day was Charles LeDray's '2000 Pots'. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera on me to take any photos, but I found this photo of a similar sculpture of his at the MOMA, titled 'Oasis' (image from

The small picture does not do the sculpture justice. As soon as I walked through the door I spotted the 80" x 36" x 36" glass and steel case filled with small pots across the room and couldn't help but walk right to it. This glass case was filled with 2000 tiny tiny glazed ceramic pots, I'd say ranging from less than .5" tall to 2" tall. Some looked like cooking pots for a stove, others were mugs with handles, vases, bowls, jugs, etc. They are beautiful, colorful pieces that look like they were thrown on a pottery wheel (which blows my mind because of the size and detail of each pot). I am in love with them and wish it was easier to find information about this piece, and Charles LeDray, online. I will just need to expand my research and see what I come up with after looking into it further. 

There was another fascinating sculpture of his there as well, an untitled tower of small furniture pieces carved out of human bone. I found an image on here. Too bad in this image you can't see that the door on the cabinet near the bottom right even has detailed hinges with nail heads and everything carved of bone. 

If you are interested in the work of Charles LeDray, I did find a site that includes images and info on some of his other sculptures.

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