Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recycled Plastic Bottle Earrings

Why recycle (or even worse, throw away!) something when you can repurpose it yourself and create something beautiful for people to enjoy. 

I started making these fun earrings out of plastic water bottles. Some are plain and some get a little fancier with etched designs, cut-outs and eyelets. I think at some point I will try colored plastic bottles (whenever I acquire some) but I actually really love the clear. I also love how these combine the clean and simple look of the clear color with the imperfections that come from hand-making something with recycled materials. The fact that they are clear and shiny makes it seem like they would work everyday or even for special occasions. 

I have started to set up a store at Etsy.com to start selling these while I continue to come up with other fun recycled product and jewelry ideas. Nothing is for sale yet because it is proving very difficult to photograph something so clear and shiny while showing how cool they really look in person! As soon as I successfully photograph and display everything, these will be for sale at www.jessiekatz.etsy.com!

Here are some quick photos of the earrings:


jeweledrabbit said...

Those are really cool. Have you tried photographing them against a darker background?

Vain and Vapid said...

These are great. I like the etching of the bottle on the last pair a lot...