Monday, July 12, 2010

Alphabet Poster Series for Sale

The first two prints in my Alphabet Poster Series are up for sale on etsy! Check out the listings for "A", a digital print of my original watercolor, and "B", a digital print of my original linoleum print.

All prints are a signed & numbered, part of a limited edition of 26. Between now and July 2011 I will have all 26 letters of the alphabet completed - releasing two letters each month.

Interested in subscribing for the entire series? You get a special deal of just $10/print, plus the excitement of receiving two prints in the mail each month! Here's the listing for the subscription.

Looking for a specific letter? Here's the timeline:
July 2010: A, B
August: C, D
September: E, F
October: G, H
November: I, J
December: K, L

January 2011: M, N
February: O, P
March: Q, R
April: S, T
May: U, V
June: W, X
July: Y, Z

$3 from each print will be donated to a charity supporting childhood growth and learning. (Charity will be stated once I receive permission to use their name). Even if you subscribe for the entire series, the full $3/print will still be donated! If all prints are sold, there will be a donation of over $2,000!

The originals will be for sale in July 2011, prices will vary and a portion of these sales will also be donated.

Enjoy! And don't forget to check back here or my etsy store each month for the new releases!

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