Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dan Emino CD Package

So being that I am so close to the guys (and gals!) of Midnight Brigade, I did put a lot of emphasis on their release and what I did for their album art.

But now that the MB release is behind us, its time to put focus on another CD package design I recently completed!

Above is the CD cover I designed for Dan Emino, an acoustic/soul/pop musician from MA, whose album release show is this Thursday!

For the cover we wanted to play with the idea of street musician, and reference the beautiful streets of Boston with a brick wall background. The artwork consists of a watercolor illustration, photographs of a cardboard sign and money in the guitar case, then multiple black line drawings layered on top. This layering of multiple textures helped create an earthy meets urban feel.

Dan Emino is great, so check out his site, Facebook, Myspace, or You Tube to hear some of his music!


Kate Daigneault said...

I love how this came out Jessie!

Jessie Katz said...

thanks Kate!!