Sunday, April 10, 2011

Customized TOMS for Your Business

Unique clothing, jewelry, and other accessories can often be conversation starters. How about custom TOMS shoes that start a conversation about your small business?

Here's a pair of black canvas men's classic TOMS that I customized for a friend, based on the logo & business card for his recording/production company, Sites and Sounds Productions. I designed the logo and business card for them a few years ago as well.

Many of us are self employed in an effort to create jobs for ourselves, and do what we really love. So if you're a musician, DJ, artist, writer, or any type of small business owner, these are a fun way to get your friends talking about your business.

If you'd like a pair of shoes customized around your business's logo, send me an email. And if you need a logo for your new business, you can email me about that too!

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